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  maoMeno is ultimately a space that has existed long before it was given a name. A place where peace, art and inner journeys form a boundless appreciation of life. Surrounded by turquoise waters and infused with calming energy, it is a place for grounding, unfolding & discovering both without & within. 


   Embark upon the act of undoing, delve into the mystery of the unknown & flow with the wonder of the Tao; to find that time has no importance, goals don’t have to be achieved & a deeper universal connection can be reached.

  In March 2009, while travelling for one year across the planet, the shanti island of Gili Meno & Kike (the owner) crossed paths.  Located off the Lombok coast, this small pearl soon showed him all its treasures; sunrises over the mt. Rinjani, an amazing underwater life, magic stargazing nights, sunsets over mt. Agung; the simple beauty of island life.

  The compound started with a 3x2m open platform, where Kike lived a simple life for 7 months. No electricity, neighbours or distractions. Life at its purest form.


  With time, sweat and investment, the vision, logo and name of maoMeno materialised. The vision was to provide a space for people to relax, create and familiarize with their inner landscape. The lack of cars or motorbikes, simple living & striking nature seemed ideal for this purpose.

  maoMeno is a game of words derived from the spanish expression mas o menos (more or less) which in the south of Spain is pronounced “maomeno”. This humour touch intends to pacify the perfectionist ego that we are conditioned to have. In traditional Japanese aesthetics it is named wabi-sabi, centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection.


   The logo is composed by 3 hexagrams out of the 64 that form the I-Ching (ancient Chinese divination oracle). The left one represents the feminine side (Yin) of the unfolded Universal Consciousness and the right one the masculine, the Yang quality of Life. In the middle there is a space for peace. This hexagram called T´ai represents balance, as the masculine (Sky) supports the feminine (Earth), peace blossoms.


   Although Kike now lives in New Zealand with his wife Jyoti, they often visit maoMeno. Every year, hundreds of visitors keep returning as the place evolves. Many become certified yoga teachers others simply indulge for a few days. 


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